Anano Sphere provides solutions to improve indoor air quality that is vital for human health. Most indoor air pollutants are caused by products used in the interior of buildings that emit dangerous unseen particles into air. This particulate matter commonly affects people's health and this has been proven by the increase in death and diseases related to the respiratory system and infection.


AnanoCoat™ uses photocatalyst technology to decompose organic pollutants into harmless substances. Our products contributes to a sustainable development for the by-products (water and carbon dioxide) of the catalyst reaction, which are then used in the photosynthesis process thus completing the eco-friendly process.


AnanoCoat™ is an eco-friendly, transparent, water-based surface coating. We have various solution for your daily use and industry solutions.


  • AnanoCoat™ Anti-Microbial
  • AnanoCoat™ Easy Clean Care
  • AnanoCoat™ VOC Remover
  • AnanoCoat™ Deviceless Air Purifier
  • AnanoCoat™ All-in-One
  • AnanoCoat™ GoGreen for Green Building Index compliance